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  1. Carrabelle Fishing
    O’Neill takes you to Carrabelle, Florida… still pristine and running. They were fortunate to be missed by Hurricane Michael last fall and the fishing is fabulous! Check out this wonderful fishing area.
  2. Take a Kid Fishing
    O'Neill is a huge supporter of getting young people involved in the outdoors. Watch and see the happiness on a child's face as he takes a kid fishing in this episode. There is nothing more rewarding.
  3. Pickwick Lake Fishing with Brian Barton
    O’Neill fishes Pickwick Lake with Brian Barton. It’s a cold and blustery day to fish, so watch and see how things go!
  4. Georgia Walleye
    Fishing on Lake Lanier and learning about how Walleye spawn makes for a very full and exciting episode!

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